1. The Parties
  2. Subject
  3. Contractual Service / Payment Information
  4. General Terms and Conditions
  5. Rights and Obligations of the Seller
  6. Receiver’s Rights and Obligations
  7. Order / Payment Procedure
  8. Product Delivery, Service Procedure
  9. Procedure for Product Returns, Service Cancellation and Withdrawal
  10. Confidentiality


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ARTICLE 1 – The Parties

1.1. Seller / Service Provider

Title: Turkish Towels Australia / Doruk Osanmaz

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: İnönü Mah. Hülyalı Sok. No:9/2 Ataşehir/İstanbul

Phone: +90 (532) 381 3008

1.2. Purchaser/ Customer

A user who purchases goods or services through vendor owned


ARTICLE 2 – Subject

The subject of this contract is the protection of the Consumer No 4077 with respect to the presentation of the service/product that the PURCHASER has ordered from the SELLER’s www.turkishtowelsaustralia.com website in electronic form And to determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Distance Agreements.

PURCHASER agrees that the SELLER has given all the preliminary information about the service subject to sale in the form of sales price, payment type, etc. including all kinds of contact information, characteristics of the service / services subject to sale and tax, and accepts and declares that the order is given on such terms. www.turkishtowelsaustralia.com Web site is an integral part of this contract that the invoice for the preliminary information and actual shopping.

ARTICLE 3 – Contractual Service / Payment Information

The services/products that have been paid in electronic form and ordered and the billing information for the PURCHASER are as follows. The PURCHASER agrees that the information provided below is complete and accurate.

The Job Advertiser cannot be held responsible for damages caused by incorrect / incomplete information transfer. The SELLER has the right to withdraw the service if it believes that the information does not match with the reality.

ARTICLE 4 – General Terms and Conditions

4.1. RECEIVER acknowledges that the main items of the products shown at the INTERNET SITES are the information about the basic qualities, the selling price and the form of payment and the preliminary information about the service and that they give the necessary confirmation for sale in the electronic environment.

4.2. If the PURCHASER has not been written otherwise by the SELLER, the PRODUCT must be paid in full before receiving the delivery. If the Service is not paid first to the SELLER, the SELLER may unilaterally cancel the contract and may not deliver or fulfill the PRODUCT.

4.3. In case the Bank / Financing institution cannot pay the price of the product / service to the SELLER due to any reason after the performance of the SELLER, PRODUCT / SERVICE shall be returned to SELLER by the PURCHASER within 3 days at the latest, all expenses belong to PURCHASER . All other legal and legal rights, including pursuant to the purchase of the SELLER’S PRODUCT / SERVICE, are reserved separately and at all times. In order to avoid hesitation; Credit cards, installment cards, etc., such as banks and financial institutions. term / installment payment facilities provided by the issuing institutions are a credit and / or installment payment facility provided directly to the named institution; the sales of the product / service which takes place in this frame and the price of the SELLER has been completely collected is not considered as installment sale due to the parties of this Contract. The legal rights of the SELLER in cases where the SELLER is legally regarded as sales in installments (including the right to terminate the contract and / or to pay the entire remaining debts together with the default interest if the installments are not paid) are present and reserved.

ARTICLE 5 – Rights and Obligations of the Seller

5.1. SELLER, Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and Related to Distance Agreements

Accept and undertake to fulfill its obligations under the provisions of the Regulations completely outside of force majeure.

5.2. Because of system-based errors or omissions [Domain] cannot be held responsible for incorrect pricing. The SELLER is also exempt from any errors that may arise from the system, design or incoming cyber-attacks on the website. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for the victimization of the PURCHASER due to system-based faults.

5.3. www.turkishtowelsaustralia.com charges the price of their services via Virtual POS. It is necessary to complete the payment in order to start benefiting from the services. The date of delivery of the services is determined separately for each service and the SELLER gives detailed information about procuring itself when the PURCHASER receives the order.

ARTICLE 6 – Receiver’s Rights and Obligations

6.1. The PURCHASER agrees and undertakes to fulfill its obligations completely except for reasons of force majeure.

6.2. The PURCHASER shall be deemed to have accepted the contractual obligations to which it has placed an order and paid the service fee.

6.3. RECIPIENT acknowledges and acknowledges that the SELLER can access all contact information from the www.turkishtowelsaustralia.com website.

6.4. The PURCHASER agrees and acknowledges that he has read and understood the information from the website www.turkishtowelsaustralia.com, which contains precautions against possible situations, precautions and payment terms with the services.

6.5. The PURCHASER has the right to give up on the same day he / she has ordered from the services he / she purchased. In this case, if the invoice is canceled, the invoice will be returned and the invoice will be returned to the seller.

6.6. All legal liabilities arising from the purchase or sale of the PRODUCT / SERVICE between the parties or between the parties shall be borne by the PURCHASER (including stamp duty of the contractor) and other risks.

ARTICLE 7 – Order / Payment

All prices are in USD.

Order: After the service which the purchaser wants to purchase confirms the TL including VAT, the process starts from POS of the related bank card.

If any trouble occurs during the payment process or if there is any problem with the credit card, the PURCHASER will be notified. If it is deemed necessary, the PURCHASER may ask for a meeting with the bank to resolve the problem. The SELLER’s obligation to meet the demand begins when the corresponding service is paid for.


In www.turkishtowelsaustralia.com, the sales prices of services are collected via wire transfer, PayPal or via Virtual POS. The credit card information used for payment made via virtual POS is encrypted with SSL technology; the system offers the necessary infrastructure to provide privacy and security. Users who do not want to make payments via Virtual POS can also make the payment of the services via money order / EFT. The PURCHASER can make a call via any bank. If the payment is made through EFT, the obligation to provide the service is taken into consideration when the payment goes to the account of SELLER. The sender information for the transfer and / or EFT must be the same as the information on the bill.

The PURCHASER agrees, declares and undertakes that if the payment has been made by credit card, he will confirm the related interest rates separately from the information bank related to default interest and that the provisions related to interest and default interest will be applied within the scope of “Credit Card Agreement” between the Bank and the PURCHASER.

ARTICLE 8 – Product Delivery, Service Procedure

Service fulfillment:

The Product (s) shall be activated / shipped before the purchaser pays and the Supplier has approved the transaction and has not exceeded the agreed delivery date of the selected product or service. This period may be extended by not more than 10 (ten) business days provided that the reason for the purchase is notified in advance.

In the event of any problem with the availability of the products / products or services within the specified days, the PURCHASER agrees to notify the Customer Service of the Inborn Advertiser without delay.

ARTICLE 9 – Procedure for Product Returns, Service Cancellation and Withdrawal

Product / Service Return:

The PURCHASER shall have the right to withdraw from the contract without any justification and without penal terms within everytime after the product has been shipped. The right to withdraw starts from the day the product / service is activated / shipped.

Requests for the return of products / services must first be communicated to customer service. In the case of payment made by credit card, the seller pays or deducts the payment to the bank. The refund conditions for each bank regarding the refund period of the credit card replies are valid.

ARTICLE 10 – Confidentiality

Any information that belongs to this contract with the PURCHASER shall not be shared with third parties except for administrative / legal obligations. In forensic investigations, the SELLER has to share the information requested with the relevant authorities.

Purchaser credit card information is not stored in any way. This information is used to securely transmit the information to the relevant bank at the time of collection and it is deleted from all data after this process.

The information such as the e-mail address, mailing address and telephone belonging to the PURCHASER shall only be used by the SELLER in order to inform the PURCHASER (promotion, new service promotion etc.).

ARTICLE 12 – Authorized Courts and Execution Offices in Case of Dispute

In case of dispute arising from the application of this contract, İstanbul Courts and executive offices are authorized.

In the event of placing an order, the PURCHASER shall be deemed to have fully accepted all the terms of this contract.

This contract is issued in a single copy and, if requested, an approved copy may be given to the PURCHASER.

Our respect,