What are the Benefits of Turkish Travel Towels?

Thickest Turkish Towel MDR Peshtemal

The benefits of using Turkish towels are as follows: They are durable. Turkish towels can last up to three times longer than regular cotton towels. This is because they have a high degree of elasticity and a high level of moisture absorption. They are lightweight. Regular cotton towels will weigh you down, but Turkish towels […]

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Turkish Towels?

Wholesale Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are all made in Turkey with especially chosen Turkish cottons on looms. They first started to be produced in 17th century in Turkey’s Bursa province.  People also call them as peshtemal bath towels or pestemal and hammam. Now you know what a Turkish towel is, we can also define that the secret on […]

What is Peshtemal?


In the peshtemal study, we found that the peshtemal was actually used as the first garment of mankind. Denizli’s peshtemal comes from Denizli’s experience in weaving. Peshtemal became an integral part of the Turkish Bath Culture, especially with the Ottoman Empire. In Denizli, peshtemal is woven as 100% cotton definitely. And now it is used […]

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Hotel Towel

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We usually pay attention to softness and water absorbency while choosing beach or bath towels for our homes. Other factors do not matter for us a lot as long as these two criteria are met. Any densely woven and 100% cotton towel will do the job for us at our homes. Well, how much efficiency […]